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you’re probably thinking to yourself this is the strangest word you have ever heard, let alone try and pronounce, and you’re right!   “Bil – Tong” as it is pronounced, is the world’s tastiest and most succulent dry-cured beef.

We make HOMEMADE BILTONG literally

We are small in size but very BIG in what we do

BIG in taste, so, so LEKKER

BIG in choosing only the BEST meat

BIG in quality control

Drying is done by forcing air through anti-bacterial filter and electronically controlled temperature

Once optimal point is achieved, it's removed, sliced, weighed and vacuum packed, so that none of its high quality succulent features are lost

Its vacuum packed in a standard package bag size of 100gr

We choose to do it this way, so you never have unnecessary vacuum packet richness open reducing that great freshly cut flavour.

And that's how a great product is done and sent over to you.

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